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Potentially More Coaches Leaving the Program


Rutgers may be losing more coaches in addition to those going to Tampa with Schiano. Rutgers' job search website lists 6 openings for coaching positions. The word is that Robb Smith is mostly...

Coaches Leave, No One Tells The Recruits - Only Grownups at RU are High School Seniors


According to an inside source, Angelichio, Fraser, Hafley and Cignetti (as well as Jay Butler) will be joining Schiano in Tampa Bay. Now, as a caveat, I'm not a beat reporter with a big circle...

Food for thought on the Rutgers Faculty Complaints


As a non-Rutgers alum, I laugh very hard at the faculty's hatred for the athletics department. I've seen the insides of a lot of America's biggest academic settings. Just some quick thoughts. F...

Kyle Flood is RU Football's Next Head Coach


Despite snags with Cristobal, RU selected its next head coach with relative ease. IMO, Flood has been very professional about putting himself in this position. He helped bring calm to RU Nation...

Something Amazing Happened


And that is we learned that Rutgers Football is now a program. I started to develop interest in Rutgers football in 2005. I am not a Rutgers alum, but I was a college football fan living in New...

Quanzell Lambert to RU


Timber Creek HS middle linebacker Quanzell Lambert just announced his commitment to Rutgers. The four star talent is a major coup for Schiano and company, as Rutgers has not had the best success...

I can't believe I have to boo the Yankees on this one


The New York Yankees, our proud hosts of the Pinstripe Bowl, may not be organizing pep rallies for either the Scarlet Knights or the Iowa State Cyclones. Mind you, I'm a diehard Yankees fan - but,...

The Real Hero - Mo Sanu


The hot topic after RU's near-miracle win over USF is Dodd versus Nova.  My brethren Rutgers fans - you're missing the real hero.  Mo Sanu won the game in three ways: First, he made at least three...

Quick Thoughts


I'm headed out to Asia for a few weeks on business.  My sparse posts will just get as nonexistent as Kenny Britt appearances at off season workouts at the bubble (despite living 20 minutes away). I...

Screw it, I want RU to go football independent


Since everyone is speculating on the 15 million different situations, I'll advocate for one that makes the least obvious sense but may have the best return.  Rutgers should go football...

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