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Operation Dark Knight: Preemptive Hate Day Strike


Copy that. Time is 0001 hours and hate day strike from OTE is inbound. Requesting fire clearance for Operation Dark Knight. Copy that, fire clearance confirmed. Going loud...

B1G 2014 // Welcome to the Rutgers Smoking Room


Let's start by taking a look at one of the newest members of the Big Ten Conference...and then see where the night takes us...

Women's hoops to host Tar Heels


In the first year as participants of the ACC/Big Ten Challenge, Stringer and the Lady Knights will host North Carolina at the RAC.

B1G 2014 // Rutgers Potluck: Part Deux


Part Deux of our Knights-for-a-day-or-two roundtable covers beer, agriculture and long-term projections. Warning: History abounds!

B1G 2014 // Rutgers Potluck: Part The First


Class is in session! The OTE Editors break down Academics, On-Field Projections and - most importantly - sandwiches, in the latest episode of B1G 2014 Rutgers Week.

Rutgers a Finalist for 3 Major Prospects


Three recruits' visits, two to RU and one to ttfp, have major implications for the 2015 class. OTB reads the tea leaves.

B1G 2014 // Rutgers' Smartest Guy in the Room


As Rutgers Week marches along, let's take a look at Kyle Flood: The Man, the Coach, the (potential) Legend.

B1G 2014 // Rutgers Cocktail Party Preview


With two new coordinators, a beastly schedule and loads of unproven-yet-talented players, Rutgers' inaugural Big Ten season should be nothing if not memorable.

B1G Leads 2014 Football Academic Rankings


Not too surprising, considering the quality of institutions within the conference. The ACC actually shows a better ranking when looking at the median, but the B1G is tops in terms of mean and vastly superior when looking at the range of quality schools. Rutgers comes in at #31 out of all power conference programs, better than more than half of the entire list. This is consistent with the rest of the B1G. Meanwhile, Nebraska brings down the conference with it's 100+ US News ranking and non-AAU membership. #lolHuskers

OTB Roundtable: Goodbye Big East, Hello B1G


Soundtrack artists for this article include Green Day and Vitamin C.

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