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Rutgers Players to Appear in the Jersey Shore Basketball League

For the first time in a while, players on the Rutgers basketball team will take part in the the legendary JSBL summer league. The team hasn't taken part in this in quite some time. While defense isn't ... always present in these games, it's a great chance to build team chemistry. According to the article linked above, Eli Carter, Greg Lewis, Jerome Seagears, Myles Mack, and Derrick Randall are all expected to play. If they're on the same team, they can really get a chance to know each other on the floor. Austin Carroll and Wally Judge are expected to compete as well.

Rutgers football recruiting update for the week of 5/17

Rutgers football recruiting update for the week of 5/17

Greg Schiano radio interview

Jason Baum linked this on Twitter several days ago. Among the topics discussed were: Should the Northeast have spring football? Who specifically was to blame for last year's offensive woes? What role did GS play? How good will RU's wide receivers be this year? Why was the OL so bad last year? Were some of their problems attributable to situational factors like formation, play-calling, and holding onto the ball too long? How good will the team be defensively this year? Will the defensive line come up to speed?

Will the NCAA give the APR teeth?

mgoblog has a good post today about legislation pending before a NCAA committee that would ramp up penalties for athletic programs with poor APR scores from the current relative slap on the wrist to something far more severe. Doesn't mean that will happen, but it would be great for Rutgers if taking the moral high ground can turn into a competitive advantage. Update: the first batch of APR rankings came out today. Full scores will be out in a week.

Mike Rice, Coach K, and Arne Duncan Share the Stage

In Linden, the threesome got out and talked to students about the importance of reading. Rice got in a good quip, saying he and Rutgers staffer Erick Murdock would play Duncan and President Obama during warm-ups of the next game at Georgetown. Interesting article linked above, and a very good cause. Speaking of reading, my latest novel is now available for the Kindle and Nook.

Rutgers looking for a new lacrosse coach

This should make the critics happy. Earlier today Rutgers athletic director Tim Pernetti forced men's lacrosse coach Jim Stagnitta to resign. Like in many non-revenue sports, there really is no excuse for Rutgers to not be good in men's lacrosse. Stagnitta was not an effective recruiter, and now Rutgers will look to find a coach who can do a better job finding players in New Jersey and Long Island. Lacrosse fans have very high expectations because Tom Hayes had a lot of success at Rutgers from the mid 70s to the late 90s. His tenure didn't end well, and then the lacrosse program was further hurt by Bill Dirrigl quickly bolting to Loyola. Stagnitta inherited a rebuilding job, but he struggled after some early success. Rutgers men's lacrosse fans have been calling for his ouster for the past several years, and today they finally got their wish. No word yet on who Tim Pernetti is interested in as the next coach. Remember, Bob Mulcahy hired Scott Goodale from Jackson High. Pernetti hired Mike Rice and Dan Donigan last year after allegedly showing interest in several "bigger" names for both openings. Funds are an issue, so lax fans probably shouldn't set their sights on Rutgers alum John Danowski from Duke. What the program probably needs is a coach with strong local recruiting ties.

McCourty twins on ESPN video

Probably the only downside to Jason and Devin McCourty playing at Rutgers over the past few years was that for a set of identical twins, they displayed remarkable restraint when it came to twin-related pranks. Isn't the whole point of looking identical to someone having the opportunity to do stuff like that? Well, the McCourty twins have recently joined up on one singular Twitter account, and if their appearances on ESPN earlier this week were any occasion, they may be ready to fully embrace this aspect as part of their public personas.

Todd Frazier leads Baseball America prospect hotsheet

Baseball America ranked Todd Frazier #1 in its weekly list of the hottest prospects in minor league baseball. After a slow start, Frazier is batting .388 in the month of May with a .436 on-base percentage and a positively Bonds-ian .796 slugging percentage! His overall slash line for the season is .290/.369/.595. Basically, he strikes out too much, but the bat is very, very real. Which leads to the question of how soon it will be before Cincinnati calls him up from Triple A? Injury-prone Scott Rolen is probably nearing the end of the line at third base, and the Reds may want to evaluate Frazier to see if he can take over the job. Left field may also be an option, although Frazier's bat carries better at third.

Earliest Villanova FB can join BE is 2015

Yesterday the Philadelphia Inquirer confirmed an earlier report from the Delaware County Times. Villanova would need to join the Big East by June 1 to start league play in 2014. After June 1 the earliest they could join is 2015. For some reason Brian from VU Hoops keeps reading this as a NCAA requirement but that isn't true. It's a Big East requirement that has remaining consistent through multiple media sources. The NCAA mandates a two year transition from FCS to FBS. The Big East standard for teams transition from FCS is different. UConn had two transition years between starting their FBS upgrade and becoming a full member. They were only allowed to join the Big East after three years (which was originally supposed to be four before the ACC raided the Big East.)

I feel like Coach Rice and Coach Cox are going to bring out the All-American I was in high school...

I feel like Coach Rice and Coach Cox are going to bring out the All-American I was in high school and give me a chance to showcase it. In the past I felt hindered or held back. They’re going to push me and help bring that back out. I want to be able to show the rest of the world that it wasn’t a fluke.

Wally Judge to Jerry Carino over at Hoops Haven.
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