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Mark Blaudschun is talking to someone in the Big East office

Or someone on the basketball-only side of the Big East. You can pretty clearly tell that from his new article in the Boston Globe this morning. 1. Blaudschun's source alleges that the vote against Nova was 3-5, characterizing Rutgers, WVU, and Pitt as the loan holdouts. 2. Blaudschun's alleges that the Big East's offer from ESPN is likely to shrink instead of grow on the open market. Why? Because the Big Ten wants to add Maryland (ok, maybe) and Georgia Tech (what). The idea that Tim Pernetti is loudly pushing for expansion is more intuitive. In other news, reviving the idea of adding Army/Navy as football-only members seems straight out of the Marinatto/Providence playbook as a desperate ploy to avoid all-sports expansion. The idea of Pernetti, WVU A.D. Oliver Luck, and Pitt A.D. Steve Pederson all leaving Ponte Vedra at the same time is eyebrow-raising at least.

Steve Longa commits to Rutgers

Rutgers football finally has a defensive commit for the 2012 class. That would be linebacker Steve Longa, who hopes to follow in the path of another Saddle Brook LB in Steve Beauharnais (who transferred to St. Joe's as a senior.) Longa's smart, athletic, and pretty much everything you look for in a linebacker prospect. LB was a bit of a need, so this is a very good commitment.

Basketball Recruit Jordan Goodman Decommits

Click the above link for Jerry Carino's full story. With Rice filling the class and adding Wally Judge, I'm not sure this is much of a surprise. I'm sure Rice will keep recruiting players, much like he did this year to replace Mike Taylor, in case one of the current members of the team is forced to leave for some reason. Rumors say grades may have played a part, as Goodman had been in 4 different high schools. Goodman was RU's lone commit for 2012.

Rutgers RAC survey

Here's the RAC survey that the Rutgers athletic department sent out today. The survey mentions "improved pedestrian access and circulation, additional restrooms and concession stands, a new scoreboard with video, new lighting and sound systems, improved food and beverage quality and selection, comfortable seating options, improved landscaping and exterior aesthetics and a new practice facility for men's and women's basketball." It won't come cheap though, with the survey testing fan willingness to tolerate ticket price increases, buy various premium seating options, project-specific donations, and even personal seat licenses.

Rutgers football recruiting update for the week of 5/24

Rutgers football recruiting update for the week of 5/24

Rutgers football APR slightly dips, still terrific

Whoops, we're #2. One year after finishing first overall in the NCAA's official Academic Progress Rate rankings, Rutgers dipped to second as their four-year rolling average fell by a hair from 992 to 988. That's pretty much a drop in the bucket. Rutgers once again leads the Big East football teams by a considerable amount. More worrisome is that men's basketball dropped from 963 to 948. This year's rolling average added 2009-2010 and dropped 2005-2006, so the difference likely has a lot to do with the chaos and slew of transfers surrounding Fred Hill's departure. But hey, we're not the transfer mill known as UConn men's basketball, so it's still more than a passable number.

Big East Basketball APR Rankings

Rutgers finishes 10th, but scores a 948 and beats the penalty cutoff. Players leaving for various reasons hurts the APR and that's one of the explanations for the lower standing. Meanwhile somebody at CBS Sportsline thinks RU is dancing next year.

News and links roundup for 5/24

Rutgers football news and links roundup for 5/24

Only a few weeks ago the Big East nearly committed to a media rights deal with ESPN, multiple...

Only a few weeks ago the Big East nearly committed to a media rights deal with ESPN, multiple sources told CBSSportscom. On Monday, though, Big East commissioner John Marinatto said the league will now wait until closer to 2013 to finalize its media rights when its current contract expires.

Here's Brett McMurphy's story from Ponte Vedra today. In other words, Tim Pernetti and West Virginia athletic director Oliver Luck win. John Marinatto and the Big East non-football schools lose, as their plan had been to surrender to ESPN without taking the league's television deal to the open market.

Big East meetings begin in Ponte Vedra

CBS Sports has a good feature today on this week's Big East meetings in Florida, including a quote from Galactic Overlord Tim Pernetti. Keep in mind while reading that Villanova needs six Big East football schools to vote yes before it can join the league for football. Any new addition would require twelve of sixteen yes votes. Mostly left unmentioned are the ongoing negotiations over the Big East's new television deal.

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