Rutgers Basketball Recruiting: Jordan Offers a Guard

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Eddie Jordan offers a 2014 point guard.

It appears Eddie Jordan is not finished searching for players to fill his roster.  While news has been sparse recently, a bit leaked out today.

Crosby is a name that has circled around Rutgers before.  The 6'3" point guard was offered during the Mike Rice era back in 2012. Clearly, David Cox kept in touch and kept Eddie abreast of the player, though Eddie apparently didn't keep the offer available during that time.  But now, Jordan is interested, and since Crosby originally planned on going to a prep school, the ball is in Crosby's court.

But the school has to appeal to Crosby on some end.  Jordan has a reputation for developing point guards, turning Roddy Peters (the former MD and current USF guard) into a top 100 prospect during Jordan's time coaching the DC Assault.  He has started to improve Mack as well, nearly doubling his assist rate and upping his scoring average by a point.

Not to mention there will be plenty of time for Crosby to play and develop.  As good as Mack is, he's not going to be playing 40 minutes a night, and the Scarlet Knights don't have a back-up guard.  And once Mack graduates, the path will be clearer for Crosby.  He'll be the most experienced point guard on the team.  Crosby will see the floor a lot and by all accounts, he's a pass-first guard. That's someone Eddie Jordan could use.

Crosby is not an under-the-radar player.  He's had a very good senior year, and was going to prep to give some teams more time to monitor him.  Once he announced he was prepping, according to Twitter reports, SMU, Tennessee, and Xavier took notice--perhaps wanting him as part of their 2015 clas.

Crosby's size and skill fit what Jordan is looking for.  And there are definite positives--playing time especially--for Crosby here.  He'd be in college when he originally planned, and he'd be playing in a big time conference.

The ball is in Crosby's court.  The Scarlet Knight fans will wait to see what he decides.

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