College Hoops Preview: Wingin' It

Justin K. Aller

The Scarlet Knights Could Be Talented at the Wing

Dane Miller was always an enigma.  For four years, the small forward displayed all sorts of athleticism, a great eye for the court, and an ability to get to the hoop.  But Miller never turned into a superstar, and hardly ever took it upon himself to take over a game.

He never lived up to the promise of his talent.

But Miller graduated last year, Mike Poole transferred, and Rutgers had a hole to fill.  It appears Eddie Jordan has done an effective job filling the position--to the point where it could be a Scarlet Knight strength.

J.J. Moore: The senior transfer from Pitt received his hardship waiver and is ready to lead the Scarlet Knights.  According to Eddie Jordan, Moore has been one of the leaders in practice, and his experience in the NCAA tournament can't be overlooked.  Coming from the Panthers, Moore knows how to play defense.  Also, by all accounts, he can really get out in transition.  He also has the touch from the 3 point line--something Miller desperately needed, but lacked.

Craig Brown: Not much is known about this JUCO.  He committed to Mike Rice mid-season last year, and Jordan was able to secure his commitment throughout last year's hoopdedoodle.  Brown is apparently built like a beast, does the little things and has also shown a 3 point shot.  He's been--according to Jordan--a pleasant surprise.

Malick Kone: Kone is another program guy, one who Mike Rice used to sell as a sleeper and a steal.  In the past two years, he's seen minimal minutes, and has played both wing and power forward.  He's never been able to show his shot off in games, but apparently he can shoot as well.

Also, expect Kerwin Okoro and Junior Etou (should he be eligible), to be able to sub in a wing too, in a pinch.


Today was also Rutgers Men's Basketball Media day, so here comes the link dump:

--Video of Eddie Jordan's Full 20 Minute Press Conference.

--Adam Zagoria says Myles Mack and Kadeem Jack stuck it out despite being recruited by other teams and being harassed by other students.

--Zagoria also says Jordan must recruit well to survive in the Big Ten. Pretty sure Rutgers reporters have this article already written every year.

--Brendan Prunty talks about Greg Lewis being ready to contribute this season. Finally.

--Junior Etou:  STILL WAITING

--Jerry Carino writes Rutgers believe Kadeem Jack is ready to break out this season.

--Carino checks in with with the team. They're ready to go

More to come as it appears.

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