Rutgers football recruiting update for the week of 1/5

Committed Players

'12 PA OT Chris Muller made all-state in PA.

'12 NJ WR Leonte Carroo is keeping a diary for the Bergen Record. Don't tweet recruits, but Carroo floated a good idea the other day. WIth Mohamed Sanu graduating, Rutgers fans will just have to tweak Sanu's chant a tad next year to "Carrrrrooooooo!"

Uncommitted Players

'12 NJ S/LB Elijah Shumate is finally wise to South Carolina's snake oil, but his choice may be Notre Dame instead of Rutgers. The idea of ND offering Shumate as a RB seems like an obvious ploy though. He will be announcing at the Army AA Bowl, which is of great interest to RU fans.

'12 NJ QB Devin Fuller is also keeping an online diary at the game practices.

In case you've been living in a bubble, '12 NJ DT Darius Hamilton is really, really good.

NJ LB Quanzell Lambert will announce today, with RU, Iowa, and Nebraska as his final three. Very good player, and Rutgers needs more LBs. However, with his size, Lambert could be another LB that grows into a DE here, so he is not necessarily a must have. Still would be great to sign him though.

I'm not really a fan of going crazy over what recruits say on social media sites. '13 NJ OL/DL Dorian Miller's father recently ranted against Oklahoma's WR coach on Twitter though. Miller's older brother plays for Oklahoma. Metuchen is a very pro-Rutgers town, but the Miller family is originally from Oklahoma, which is why Dejuan went out of state. If this grudge persists though, it could certainly help RU's chances with Dorian. That just kind of goes to show though; if NJ players want to be given a fair shake, they have to stay home at Rutgers. (Yes, you can make the converse case for out of state players here.) All things being equal, of course Oklahoma is going to start the player from Texas over the player from New Jersey. If the latter gets upset and transfers, it's no skin off their back in terms of damaging important future relationships.

What's D.C. Jefferson's younger brother, '13 FL RB Adam Lane, up to?

Rutgers is not involved with '12 NY S Wayne Morgan.

FL OL Duaron Williams committed to Iowa State. PA RB Greg Garmon committed to Iowa. FL TE Sean Culkin committed to Missouri.

Watchlist: This is a section of this site's weekly recruiting posts featuring links to players that Rutgers may or may not be showing interest in, but has not yet offered.

Jazzmar Clax and Jordan Lucas.

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