Rutgers at Providence: Big East Basketball Preview

So far this season, these are the games the Scarlet Knights slip up on. Providence is 1-8 in the Big East, but the one was a big one. They blew out Louisville at home. This isn't the Keno Davis Providence Friars. This is a new style team. One that plays defense and has some scorers.

Not to mention the Dunkin Donuts Center has been a house of horrors for the Scarlet Knights. Last year, a senior laden team blew a double digit lead and lost at the buzzer.

Keys to the game after the jump...

1. Play Rutgers Basketball: Get hands in the passing lanes. Confuse the Providence offense by switching from the zone to Rice's trademark switching man to man. Play a smart half court game, and get out and run when the opportunity presents itself. Do not get pulled out of your game, something a young time often will do on the road. Rutgers needs to control the tempo, not Providence

2. Get the Ball Inside: Too often Myles Mack, Eli Carter, and Jerome Seagears want to be the hero with the 3 pointer. They take deep shots out of the offense and if they go in, great, if not, the team is in trouble. However, when Rutgers makes a concerted effort to get the ball inside, everyone benefits. Derrick Randall and Gilvydas Biruta get points and get to the line. The guards end up getting open 3s.

3. Slow Vincent Council: Council is the point guard. He makes Providence go. Fluster him and, as with any point guard, you improve you chances greatly.

4. Don't Let Foul Calls Fluster: Rutgers, the past two games, has benefited from more foul calls on their side than against. That's not going to happen tomorrow. Jon, our esteemed editor, expects it to be a horror show. I wouldn't be surprised either. But, if the calls start coming in, Rutgers is going to have withstand them and overcome them.

5. Dane Miller, Dane Miller, Dane Miller: The team goes when he is on. Need him tomorrow night.

Okay, now that you've check this out, check out the game tomorrow at 7 on ESPNU.

Now get back to Kyle Flood and signing day talk.

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