SBN Big East preseason ballot

These are pretty dumb, but the alternative is RU not being represented - so click beyond the jump if you are so inclined. Full conference ballot should be up at Big East Coast Bias at some point.

1st team


TE: Nick Provo (SU)

OL: Chris Jacobsen (Pitt)

OL: Desmond Stapleton (RU)

OL: Don Barclay (WVU)

OL: Mike Ryan (UConn)

C: Mario Benavides (UL)

WR: Mark Harrison (RU)

WR: Tavon Austin (WVU)

QB: Zach Collaros (Cincy)

RB: Isaiah Pead (Cincy)

RB: Ray Graham (Pitt)


DL: Scott Vallone (RU)

DL: Kendall Reyes (UConn

DL: Julian Miller (WVU)

DL: Bruce Irvin (WVU)

LB: Brandon Lindsay (Pitt)

LB: Sio Moore (UConn)

LB: Sam Barrington (USF)

DB: David Rowe (RU)

DB: Blidi Wreh-Wilson (UConn)

DB: Shamarko Thomas (SU)

DB: Jarred Holley (PItt)


K: Ross Krautman (SU)

P: Pat O'Donnell (Cincy)

RS: Nick Williams (UConn)

AP: Antwon Bailey (SU)


2nd team:


TE: Ryan Griffin (UConn)

OL: Lucas Nix (Pitt)

OL: Justin Pugh (SU)

OL: Michael Hay (SU)

OL: Jeremiah Warren (USF)

C: Moe Petrus (UConn)

WR: D.J. Woods (Cincy)

WR: Mohamed Sanu (RU)

QB: Geno Smith (WVU)

RB: Victor Anderson (UL)

RB: Savon Huggins (RU)


DL: Jesse Joseph (UConn)

DL: Chas Alexcih (Pitt)

DL: Justin Francis (RU)

DL: Chandler Jones (SU)

LB: Steve Beauharnais (RU)

LB: DeDe Lattimore (USF)

LB: Marquis Spruill (SU)

DB: Hakeem Smith (UL)

DB: Jon Lejiste (USF)

DB: Logan Ryan (RU)

DB: Keith Tandy (WVU)


K: Dave Teggart (UConn)

P: Cole Wagner (UConn)

RS: Cam Saddler (Pitt)

AP: Jeremy Wright (UL)


Team rankings:


1. WVU

2. Pitt

3. RU

4. USF

5. Cincy

6. SU

7. UL

8. UConn

I'm reasonably confident in the team rankings. As far as players go, all that really matters is that Scott Vallone ought to get his proper due (aka, Phil Steele's Big East intern is really lazy.) Desmond Stapleton legitimately played well last year in spite of the disaster surrounding him, and deserves to be credited as such. Neither Ryan or Huggins have proved much yet; ranking them was more projecting confidence in their raw ability. Don't really care too strongly either way; naming them was more of a way  to make up for similar homerism on other ballots. Rutgers has a lot of defenders this year capable of playing at an all-Big East level, so much so that naming the entire projected depth chart would be pointless.

On offense, tight end D.C. Jefferson of course remains the biggest boom-or-bust player in the entire conference. He might fall behind Paul Carrezola on the depth chart, or he could turn into Vernon Davis. We just don't know. Wouldn't it be something if Brandon Coleman somehow stole playing time from Harrison or Sanu? Sanu or Jeremy Deering are also in good positions to be among the conference's top multi-threats.

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