Quincy Douby: A Bold Player

Note: this post is from Dave.

Quincy Douby is one of the best college players to hit the Rutgers floor in Scarlet.  His Junior season is one for the ages.  When I was asked to look back at one of the "boldest" players I've ever seen, Douby was the first to come to mind.

Find out why after the jump....

--In his freshman year, with Rutgers down a point to then #1 ranked UConn and the Huskies inbounding the ball, then-coach Gary Waters instructed Douby to foul UConn's worst free throw player--the one they expect to receive the pass.  But when the ball went up, Douby didn't foul.  Instead, he tried to intercept the pass.  He missed and RU lost.  After the game Waters said Douby told him he could get the ball.  Waters couldn't argue that and only called it a brave freshman mistake.  Later, in the NIT Final Four, Douby put RU on his shoulders and lead the team in scoring as RU won in double OT.

--In Douby's sophomore year, he was the best player on the team, and covered the tightest.  He still averaged 15 points a game, and wasn't afraid to shoot from half court.  Coach Waters wasn't afraid to go to him in the clutch.  He got fouled at the buzzer in OT of a SETON HALL game, the game still tied.  When he missed the first free throw, and the crowd gasped, he looked in the stands laughed and waved the crowd off.  Knew he'd make the second.  He did.

--Finally, in his junior season, Douby came into his own.  He lead the team and the Big East in scoring, averaging 25.4 points over the season.  He wasn't afraid to go to the hoop.  He wasn't afraid to shoot 25 foot 3s.  He made them all.  He finally learned to go left and took it to the hoops, developing a tear drop shot that the big men couldn't block.  Douby did it all. 

And then he went pro.

He was one of the most electrifying players I've ever seen at the RAC.  Each game was a new adventure.  Douby never met a shot he didn't like. 

Fun to watch, and someone who could definitely be described as "bold."

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