2011 Rutgers football post-spring depth chart

Jason Baum posted the official depth chart on Twitter today.

QB: Chas Dodd, Steve Shimko

RB: Jeremy Deering OR Jawan Jamison OR De'Antwan Williams

FB: Joe Martinek, Michael Burton

WR: Mohamed Sanu, Tim Wright

WR: Mark Harrison, Brandon Coleman

LT: Andre Civil, Devon Watkis

LG: Desmond Wynn, Art Forst

C: David Osei, Caleb Ruch

RG: Antwan Lowery, Caleb Ruch

RT: Desmond Stapleton, Matt McBride


SDE: Justin Francis, Jamil Merrell

UT:  Michael Larrow, Djwany Mera

NT: Scott Vallone, Isaac Holmes

WDE: Manny Abreu, Shane Meisner

SLB: Steve Beauharnais, Jamal Merrell

MLB: Ka'Lial Glaud, Marvin Booker

WLB: Khaseem Greene, Edmond Laryea

CB: Logan Ryan OR Marcus Cooper

CB: Brandon Jones OR Mason Robinson

FS: David Rowe, Wayne Warren

SS: Duron Harmon, Patrick Kivlehan


P: Anthony DiPaula, Mohamed Sanu

K: San San Te, Nick DeLouisa

PR: Mason Robinson

KR: Jeremy Deering, Mark Harrison

LS: Robert Jones, Rob Horrell

Read on below the jump for brief thoughts and analysis.

  • Joe Martinek is on top of the FB depth chart despite nursing a shoulder injury during the spring. What's going to happen with Marcus Thompson? He has the talent to play wherever he ends up. The only sure thing is that he should be seeing game action.
  • Brandon Coleman is not officially named a starter. Mohamed Sanu will be back at full speed this fall, so where is the spot for Coleman?
  • Paul Carrezola holds off D.C. Jefferson at TE, although both should play a lot.
  • Getting ahead a little, but next year's OL is hard to predict with so many seniors on offense. Civil-Bujari-Osei-Lowery-Watkis, with Hendrikson, and possibly Johnson/Wright as top reserves? Some of the other young linemen need to emerge ASAP.
  • D.J. Mera to DT is official, although it would be a big surprise if Ken Kirksey doesn't play. It will be hard to condition a freshman to play a lot, but Kirksey needs to see the field. The DL is still young and inexperienced.
  • Jamal Merrell is in the two-deep now? The incoming freshmen should have a good chance to win backup jobs at LB. Dave Milewski didn't play in spring recovering from a knee injury. Does this officially mean that Edmond Laryea return for a fifth year.
  • Pat Kivlehan over one of the talented freshman like Lorenzo Waters seems like an upset.
  • The conservative, sandwich heavy portfolio pays off for the hungry investor as Anthony DiPaula holds off the possibility of Mohamed Sanu scaring the heck out of opponents every time Rutgers lines up in the punt formation.
  • Mark Harrison seems big for a kick returner. It will be interesting to see who else gets a look on returns in the fall.
  • Not many surprises. It's a good roster, but depth is thin at key spots (QB, OL, DL, and arguably LB.) Rutgers has an embarrassment of riches at wide receiver and in the secondary.

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