For what it's worth, how RU can still win the Big East

I'm not saying that I think this is especially likely to happen.  But I figured people might want to know.  The nickel version is this:  To have a chance at winning the Big East, Rutgers would first need to beat Cincinnati and UConn.  They would also need at least one more loss by Cincinnati, Louisville and West Virginia.  Or to put it another way, by Louisville and whoever wins the Cincy-WVa game.  That doesn't guarantee anything, but it's the first step.

Here's the more detailed explanation.  First of all, while there are scenarios where there's a giant tie at 4-3 (including the fun 7-way tie, with USF at 0-7), that's way too complicated to deal with at this point.  I'm only dealing with 5-2 ties.

Second, while there are 6 teams with 2 or fewer Big East losses right now, UConn is automatically out because a 5-2 Rutgers means that they have another loss.  Similarly, there can't be a tie with both West Virginia and Pitt, because they still have to play each other.

Third, obviously, Rutgers needs Cincinnati to lose to someone besides Rutgers, and Louisville to lose a game, to get to 2 conference losses.

So, if Rutgers gets to 5-2, here are:

A) Ties they would win: Cincinnati, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati/Pittsburgh

B) Ties they would lose: Louisville, West Virginia, Louisville/West Virginia (Louisville would have beaten both), Cincinnati/West Virginia (WVa would have beaten both), Cincinnati/Louisville/West Virginia (Louisville & West Virginia are 2-1 among the tied teams).  They lose any tie that involves West Virginia.

C) Ties that come down to BCS standings: Louisville/Pittsburgh, Louisville/Cincinnati, Louisville/Pittsburgh/Cincinnati (Rutgers and Cincinnati are 2-1 among the tied teams, so it comes to BCS standings between those 2.)

If it comes to the BCS standings, Rutgers would be 9-3 or 8-4, Cincinnati would be 9-3, Louisville and Pitt would be 7-5. 

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