Enough of North Carolina

I don't want to think about that accursed state today anymore than I already have. If John Fox isn't ever coming back to the Giants, the least the Tar Heels can do is send all of their junior defenders to the NFL, and not beat the men's basketball team too senseless tonight. Here's what I have off the past week, with a few more posts on the way before the new year.

Rutgers fans can breathe a sigh of relief, as Princeton won't be hiring assistant Joe Susan as their next head football coach. Brian Jenkins is officially out the door though, having been announced as the new head coach at Bethune Cookman. It's good to only have to worry about filling one vacancy instead of two. The bowl game may be paying additional dividends, with Football Coach Scoop reporting that Coach Schiano interviewed UCF WR coach David Kelly. He's originally from South Carolina, but appeared to have a hand in their Southern Florida recruiting.

With it almost being 2010, it's just about time for the decade retrospectives. I agree 100% with Keith Sargeant's picks on offense. Clark Harris really should get the nod over L.J. Smith, because Smith had the same bad hands in college that have been his downfall in the pros. With defense, putting Orr at LB really was a copout, even if that was the best way to get the most talent on the roster. Nate Jones should be at corner given how badly Jason McCourty struggled last year. Meekins/Tverdov and and Girault/Seabrooks/Johnson are open for debate. Overall it's mostly spot on. Edit: You always forget the punter. Mike Barr should have gotten in over Joe Radigan.

Nope, didn't expect to read that Nate Jones is working on a sitcom pilot. The Arizona Cardinals released Brandon Renkart. With Seattle in the tank, has anyone wondered about whether it's time to give Mike Teel reps?

For those calling for rookie Mike Teel, I've watched every Seahawks' practice this season and Hasselbeck is light-years ahead of the youngster.

Retired Purdue coach Joe Tiller's opposition to Big Ten expansion is understandable, because midpack teams likely have the most to lose via expansion. That's exactly what happened in the ACC after they added three teams. He's absolutely right that it's all money driven. Joe Paterno is again talking about expanding to the East. He is the greatest Christmas gift of all to New Jersey sportswriters looking for column fodder now that the football season is over. Meanwhile, add Michigan to the list of schools in favor of expansion.

West Virginia OL coach David Johnson may have just misspoke, but this quote doesn't come off well.

"Rutgers threw every blitz known to mankind at us and they don’t normally blitz."

It's not likely that the Cincinnati Reds view Todd Frazier as a shortstop going forward. You may know he's a big MLB prospect, but big brother Jeff resurfaced in Detroit's system last year.

Pitt was expected to sell nearly 5,000 tickets (h/t: Brian Bennett) to the Meineke Bowl. With UNC ticket sales lower than expected, you wonder if they might be second guessing their decision to invite the Panthers over Rutgers. It's no wonder the selection committee was deadlocked for so long, even with everything working against us in terms of the rematch with UNC and disappointing season.

Josh and Ted from the Ledger say that the NJSEA may need millions in a state bailout.

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